Causes of Immune Suppression - Dr. Edward Group

Causes of Immune Suppression


Dr. Group Founder of The Global Healing Center

Immune defense summit notes - Dr. Group

Dr. Group opens up the disscussion by talking about the causes of immune suppression.

  • The food supply. All the chemical additives have to be dealt with by the body and therefore less energy devoted to fighting other major invaders. These chemicals can actually interfere with immune responses.

  • Microwave. The microwave actually alters the food.

  • GMOs - Coupled with glyphosate can actually destroy gut lining

  • Meats - full of nitrates

  • Not chewing enough - malabsorption issues

  • Live food vs. dead food - live food contains lots of enzymes and undamaged vitamins

  • pesticides - toxic to body

    He talks about the dangers in the water supply and it’s negative effects on the immune system. Bromine, Chlorine, Flourine are all dangerous halogens that effect our thyroid and gut bacteria and are present in the water most folks drink everyday.

    Stress supresses the Immune system. This is very well documented that constant stress, from work or home, or relationships can put the immune system into a suppressed state.

  • Reduced by 50%

  • Sympathetic state

  • Halts digestion

  • Body is attacked, auto-immune situations.

    Dr. Group also explains the connection of gut health and our immune system:

  • 75% of our immune system is in our gut. It is actually one of our interfaces with the outside world. Because if you think about it, the food in our gut is actually still outside of our body until it is absorbed.

  • GALT (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) is housed in the intestines.

  • Stores T & B cells

  • Is an entire eco system in our gut.

    Role of probiotics is fascinating and dynamic. This is definately an area for cutting edge research that is happening right now.

  • Probiotics stimulate white blood cells

  • There are thousands of strains, and your combination is unique to you.

  • These bacteria create an ecosystem. Some positive, some toxic.

  • You definately want to avoid antibiotics that wipe out all bacteria, good and bad.

    If you know anything about Dr. Group, he is definately an advocate for fasting, cleansing, and detox. He goes on to talk about the benefits of letting the body rest, meaning not having to focus on digesting, and get down to business killing bad bacteria and viruses, and cleaning out toxins that have accumulated over time. He offers many products on his website that can aid the body in doing this. He advocates a 3 day fast, this can quickly boost health and stimulate new white blood cells.

    Why fast?

  • Food activates immune system

  • Energy reserves get used up

  • Fast to focus on infections i.e.. viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungus

  • Has anti-aging benefits

He adds that fasting is the most economical healing you can do for your body. You just need good clean pure water, Good sleep, time and of course fasting for 3 days.

He also practices what is called intermittent fasting where your last meal is at 6pm and the next meal is at noon. So he basically only eats 2x a day, and they are really good foods. So make what you put in really count during those times. He also like adding apple cider vinegar to his water. and incorporating meditation for the rest and repair system to be engaged.

Dr. Group closes by talking about what supplements he really likes/thinks are most important to add to your daily routine.

  • #1 probiotics - They help regulate ph, they help with the gut - brain connection, and they help combat harmful bugs.

  • Iodine - He goes into great detail in a youtube video about just iodine (nascent) and all the roles it plays in the body and all cells.

  • Vitamin D - more and more research is being done about this amazing vitamin and folks should really be supplementing to boost their immune system.

  • Vitamin C - totally increases immune fighting capacity.

  • Tumeric - a powerhouse of anti-oxidizing plant chemicals ,reduces inflammation.

    I hope you got some good information from my notes of Dr. Group. It is definately a challenge to listen and write at the same time. He has many videos on youtube and you can find his products on his website Well, after that, I’m off to fast for 3 days! Join me!