Nutrition Heals - Health Coaching

Cindy Ruprecht is a Board certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, offering services in person or over the phone. She offers a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for meeting in person here at Sacred Arts LLC.


Let food be thy medicine

Health coaching is a catalyst that helps you kick start your life in a new direction. One focused on your specific health goals. Coaches guide you and assist you with different suggestions and a new perspective.


These are some shots of our garden where connection to the land and the heart are at the core of nutrition. Nutrition is way more than what you put in your mouth, it is what feeds your soul.

Gorgeous golden beets.

Gorgeous golden beets.

What is health coaching?

We meet privately and discuss your specific health goals. Talk about but not limited to diet, supplements, lifestyle, sleep, relationships, career, aspirations, exercise and mind set. What is included in a month of coaching sessions:

  • 2 - 1 hour health coaching sessions in person or over the phone per month.

  • supportive materials to read or watch between sessions

  • email support and questions answered

  • recipes to try

  • new products introduced

  • client driven goals

Our greenhouse on our property helps us grow the best quality food.

Our greenhouse on our property helps us grow the best quality food.

mind, body connection

Connection to the self, and self awareness is at the core of what I teach. To be aware of your body and it’s needs, self-care and down time are essential for your body to rest and repair. So much of our daily busy lives keep us in a stressed state even though we are not aware of it. Taking the steps to meet with a Health Coach is a great way to get yourself on the healing path. So many of our diseases today have stress at the core of it’s cause.