We have be working on transforming our property into a place of abundance.


creating abundance

3 years of really hard work, has produced big changes here at Sacred Arts garden. Lots of inputs have increased fertility and water retention.

The beginning

The beginning

This is what we started with. Some patchy grass and rocky soil. But we leveled out an area for the greenhouse to sit and get sun. 



Our greenhouse is in production 9 out of 12 months of the year. It is pretty amazing even in our cold climate here, but it can be done.



Cold crops

Cold crops do really well here, so we tend to focus on those. They just happen to be some of the most nutritious superfoods…..

Lovin’ my herb garden

Lovin’ my herb garden

Every year our soil becomes a little bit better. Richer, more fertile by all our constant inputs and no outputs. Our chickens on site help, in addition to horse manure, our compost and many bags of leaves we haul in every year. Once our trees are more established and we get more perennials established, our system will be more self mulching and creating moister soils.